Information Governance for Microsoft:
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We were able to eliminate time-consuming tasks, such as manual backups and lengthy data searches as well as, through the exporting of emails to more economical storage media, dramatically reduce storage costs, unburden the infrastructure, and optimize the performance of the mail servers.

Orlando Cantieni, Sunrise IT Project Team Lead

ECM Suite for Microsoft Benefits Analyst

This interactive tool illustrates some of the benefits of OpenText’s ECM Suite for Microsoft. Enter your company’s data and potential savings that OpenText solutions for SharePoint, Email and File Systems can deliver.

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Storage Cost Optimization $ 0 $ 0
Reduced Legal Spend $ 0 $ 0
Productivity Benefit $ 0 $ 0
Easy Access to Enterprise Records $ 0 $ 0
Physical Record Cost Optimization (paper, facilities & cabinets) $ 0 $ 0
Business Disruption Cost Minimization $ 0 $ 0
Reduce Cost of Archiving Cloud Content from SharePoint/Office365 $ 0 $ 0
Mitigate Risk of Accidental/Intentional Data Loss by Leveraging Cloud Storage $ 0 $ 0
Accelerate Time-to-Market and the Delivery of Business Applications $ 0 $ 0

Reduced Legal Spend: Legal Spend reductions are based upon US market intelligence and may vary based upon the geography of your business.

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