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My organization plans to make the necessary adjustments to implement a Digital Strategy (to automate processes or digitize information).

Our Digital Strategy is continually refined based on feedback and success as shown by key performance indicators.

We use an effective mix of digital and non-digital channels to deliver omni-channel engagement to our customers.

We have a 360-degree view of our customers, including preferences and buying behavior, and use data analytics to drive targeted content to customers.

Teams and departments are aligned to support a customer-centric enterprise.

Our system allows us to integrate processes with our partners and suppliers to effectively manage the entire supply chain.

Automated processes help us increase efficiency support decisions.

Employees have anytime, anyplace access to the tools and information they need, regardless of location or device.

My organization’s HR and IT functions are prepared to support a changing, multi-generational workforce.

I'm confident that our information is protected against cybersecurity breaches and hacking on premise or in the cloud.

My organization has a comprehensive analytics and BI strategy throughout the entire information delivery flow.

My organization enforces archiving, governance, and records management regulations and procedures effectively and consistently, on premise and in the cloud.

Our business is effectively managing and protecting unstructured information such as email and social media.

My organization understands that the collection, management, and analysis of information is a strategic imperative for success.

All global business users have easy access to analytics insight, dashboards, and reports to make informed decisions.

We already have a cloud strategy and have begun to execute against it.

We are moving specific workloads to the cloud to reduce operating and resource expenses.

To address data sovereignty and speed time to market for our products and solutions, we have considered implementing a cloud strategy.

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It appears your organization still has a long way to go to ensure you’re ready for the future. Based on your responses, we’ve put together a set of personalized guidelines and best practices to help you develop your digital roadmap.

It appears your business is already blazing a trail towards the digital-first world. But you still have some work to do to take it to the next level. Based on your responses, we’ve put together a set of personalized guidelines and best practices to help you further develop your digital roadmap.

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